How To Stop Bunions In Their Tracks? - The Podiatry Group

A bunion is a bony, lumpy disfigurement of the joint located at the base of the big toe. It can appear like an angular, scrawny bump on the side of the big toe and sometimes covered with hardened skin. Symptoms of a foot bunion include swelling, pain, tenderness, and redness at the base of the big toe. Sometimes, a fluid-filled sac develops over the joint. Although the exact cause of bunion remains unclear, wearing improper foot wear can increase your risk for developing foot bunion.

How to treat foot bunions

The pain in foot bunions can become unbearable if it is allowed to progress. Luckily, a lot of treatments are available for those suffering from foot bunions. Non-surgical treatments is recommended if the condition is diagnosed during its early stages. Treatment options include painkillers, orthotics and foot bunion pads. Always check with your podiatrist for a treatment plan.

Non-surgical treatments only provide relief from symptoms but do not treat the condition. For permanent solutions, a podiatrist may recommend surgery. This is also advised if the patient does not respond to non-surgical intervention. The doctors of The Podiatry Group are podiatrists who specialize in helping people suffering from bunions and other foot disorders..

Possible complications of a bunion

Symptoms can worsen if no action is taken to treat foot bunions. It can lead to arthritis and result to permanent deformity of the appearance of the feet. Even though surgery is highly effective in treating bunions, relapse may occur.

Complications include prolonged swelling, pain under the ball of the foot, chronic pain and permanent damage to foot nerves. Stiffness in the toe joints, delays or failure of the bone to heel can also result from failed treatment.

Some of ways to prevent bunions

Early diagnosis is the key to preventing bunions into developing into a serious medical condition. This prevents foot bunion from progressing and makes it easier to treat. Simple steps to preventing foot bunions is to wear properly fitting shoes. A few minutes spent selecting the right shoes could save you from a lifetime of pain. Tight shoes and high heels can place extra pressure on the toes leading to foot bunion formation.

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