Weather Appropriate Footwear

With fluctuating winter weather, it can be tricky to choose the right shoes to go out in. Some days you go out and wish you wore shoes that covered up more of the top of your feet. Other days, your feet are sweating and you can’t wait to take them off at home.

At The Podiatry Group, we wanted to give our patients some guidelines for weather appropriate shoes to keep you safe and healthy.

  • Check the weather forecast for the high and low rather than just the current temperature. Weather in our area can drop 10 to 15 degrees in a day. Cold one day, and warm the next!
  • For work, make sure you wear shoes that are safe for the kind of work that you do. If necessary, leave work shoes at your workplace and change when you get there.
  • On wet or rainy days, non-slip rubber or neoprene shoes will keep you from slipping on smooth surfaces. If it is also cold, be careful where you walk, to prevent from slipping on ice!
  • While there may be some warm days this winter, it probably doesn’t warrant wearing summer-style shoes including flip-flops or ballerina flats. It may be tempting to slip them on for a quick trip to the grocery store, but not only are they not supportive, they make for higher risk of dry skin and even frostbite on colder days.
  • If the weather is going to vary a lot during the day, try to take another pair of shoes for the latter part of the day, especially if you can carry a bag or leave them in the car. When your feet are subjected to extreme cold, it can make you feel cold throughout your body.

Winter weather can be tricky taking care of your feet. The APMA has some great tips for Winter Foot Care. For other concerns for your feet or footwear in the winter, make an appointment with our podiatrists at our Jonesboro, AR office. Make an appointment today!