Foot and Ankle Injuries at Superbowl LI

For football fans, Superbowl LI cannot come soon enough! The Patriots and Falcons face off on Feb 5th, two weeks after each have won their divisional championships. While the teams prepare for the big game, some star players will not be participating in practices due to injuries.

The Patriots are holding Danny Amendola (ankle injury), Dont’a Hightower (knee injury), Malcolm Mitchell (knee injury), Chris Hogan (thigh injury), Martellus Bennett (ankle, knee, and shoulder injuries), and Nate Ebner (concussion) from practice so that they can rest and recover before Superbowl Sunday. Meanwhile, the Falcons have Alex Mack (ankle injury) and Julio Jones (toe injuries) on their list of holds from practice as well. Nonetheless, both teams seem to be optimistic that these star players will be able to participate in the big day.

Playing With Injury

Football players have a high risk of re-injury when injured earlier in the season, especially if they continue to play when the injury hasn’t fully healed in the first place. After the AFC Championship game, Le’Veon Bell admitted that he had been playing even with a groin issue and had to leave the game with a groin injury. Controversy about reporting this injury or not, the bigger issue is how it affects his body with chronic stress and strain to this injury.

Martellus Bennett played with ankle, knee, and shoulder injuries, and reports even say that he played through the game even with a cracked bone in his ankle. Julio Jones has been in and out of games due to an injured toe that keeps bothering him. For athletes on the Superbowl roster, it’s important to rest enough to be able to play on Sunday, but even more important to really assess their bodies. Repeated foot and ankle injuries can bother the athlete during the game and pose and even higher risk for new injuries just because of the affected parts. They can suffer from a range of injuries, including concussion, dislocated joints, toe and ankle sprains, and even fractures. To make matters worse, some athletes often experience injury from repetitive motions (which they perform during practices), leaving them with strained tissues and chronic issues.

Hopefully the rest they get from missing a few practices will allow the athletes to recover enough to play well in the Superbowl. Have questions about sport-related injuries? Come see your favorite podiatrists at The Podiatry Group – we’d love to explain more or assess any injuries you might have from playing sports. Make an appointment today at our Jonesboro, AR office!