It’s Time for New Shoes!

Too bad our things can’t talk to us. Otherwise, they’d be helpful in letting us know when they need repair, or just to be replaced. Some of us can’t let go, while others of us just don’t pay attention or realize there’s a problem until the shoes are completely unwearable. Well, if you have signs like rot, rips, or flapping soles, those are some surefire signs that it’s time for new shoes.


Look on the bright side – you get to shop for new shoes! On the other hand, for those who have an attachment to their shoes, it can be difficult to let go. However, not paying attention to your shoes’ condition can lead to foot problems for you. From bacterial growth to foot or ankle strain, bad shoes can mean bad news.


When is it time for new shoes? Here are some guidelines to check if you’re close:

  • Check the insole: Is your insole worn down, so much that you can see the bottom of your shoes? If the rest of your shoes are still in okay condition, you can try to use a new insole to re-establish support and cushioning for your feet.
  • Check the physical appearance and feel: Does it look raggedy? Are some parts wearing down because you put more pressure on it? The bottom outer sole of the shoe can be worn down and not give you enough support or grip. The shoes themselves should not be able to be bent in half with the front of the shoe touching the heel portion.
  • Check for signs of rotting or tears. Bacterial growth can cause rotting if the problem is not dealt with. Overuse or wear without proper cleaning and hygiene can cause rotting. If shoes are made of canvas or other soft material, any openings in the material can affect the structural integrity of the footwear.


When buying new shoes, the most important part is that the shoes are comfortable and supportive. Especially if you have foot or ankle problems, it’s important for you to have proper support so that the problems do not get worse. Don’t assume that shoes will “break in” since they will be unusable if they do not.


If you have foot problems from using your old shoes, make an appointment to come see us at The Podiatry Group. Our podiatrists, Dr. Mark E. Reiner, Dr. Michael A. Haughey, Dr. William G. Coates, and Dr. Erik D. Rosenlof can assess your feet and find the right treatment for your pain at our Jonesboro, AR office. We can also help you with adding orthotic inserts or custom orthotic shoes for your feet.