HOT Tips for Summer Foot Care

Summer is now in full swing! While Memorial Day and Independence Day celebrations (and BBQs) are over, there are still plenty of opportunities for fun in the sun. The bright summer sun and blazing heat can cause issues for the feet. To keep them happy and healthy, check out our top tips for summer foot care:


Sun Care

  • Shoes: The summer sun can be brutal on the skin, including skin on the feet. The heat might tempt you to wear sandals and flip-flops all the time, but they might not be the best option if you’re prone to burning. Opt for shoes with mesh material that allow for air exchange, like water shoes, especially at water parks. Note: Flip-flops are not supportive enough for long-term wear. It’s best to only use them when transitioning from house to beach or in communal showers.
  • Sunblock: While the sun is great for getting your daily intake of Vitamin D (which is important for building strong bones), long exposure can also lead to burned skin and even skin cancer. Make sure to wear sunblock even on the feet to protect the skin.


Heat Care

  • Water: Keep hydrated throughout the day to hydrate your body, including feet.
  • Socks and Shoes: If you are prone to hyperhidrosis, or over-sweating, carry around another pair of socks to change into midday.



  • Shoes (again): Don’t walk around barefoot in case of injury (stones or shards of glass) or infection (viral or fungal). Additionally, you also risk sunburn or burn from sun-heated grounds. Wear flip-flops even for short distances.
  • Treat Infection: If you have any type of contagious foot infection, make an appointment to see one of our podiatrists so that you don’t risk spreading the disease.
  • Toenails: Prevent and treat ingrown toenails. Get the first appointment at salon pedicures for clean instruments. Take a break between nail polishes to prevent yellowing toenails.
  • Wash and dry your feet each day. If you have diabetes, make sure you clean and check your feet each day as well.


Do you have concerns about summer foot care? Make an appointment to come see us at The Podiatry Group. Our podiatrists, Dr. Mark E. Reiner, Dr. Michael A. Haughey, Dr. William G. Coates, and Dr. Erik D. Rosenlof can assess your feet and find the right treatment for you at our Jonesboro, AR office.