An Active Family Stays Warm in Winter


The winter season has brought on some cold evenings. Some nights are so cold that no one wants to leave the warmth of the home after sunset. We don’t blame you! However, it doesn’t mean you should stay inside and watch TV all night. One of the best ways to keep your family warm and healthy is to stay active, even indoors.

Need some ideas on how to get your heart pumping and body warm during winter, both indoors and out? Read on!

  • Get a balance ball to bounce and exercise on while you are home. This engages your feet and ankles, and helps you experiment with balance and strength exercises. Children can join in on the fun, as long as parents supervise.
  • Have seniors in your home? An indoor treadmill or recumbent bike can help increase activity levels when it’s too cold to go outside for a walk. Plus, you don’t want to risk slips or falls on the ice! If seniors do go out, make sure to have appropriate shoes.
  • Family walking or step competitions are a great way to get active. Get inexpensive pedometers for everyone to get involved, including seniors. Walk in place, walk the dog, or try some hopping to count up the steps each night!
  • Family fun night: Buy or come up with games (beyond board games) that include moving around. You can play games like twister or charades, as well as made-up competitions like a timed plank position hold or wall sit. Exercise the toes by seeing who can move more marbles from one paper plate to another, using the toes! Make the prize something exciting, such as picking the movie or dinner, or even a trip to the mall!
  • On weekends or evenings, take the family to winter activities like: skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, sledding, and snow tubing.

Some tips for staying healthy and safe in the winter:

  • Winter can be drier, so remember to drink lots of water.
  • The cold weather can cause aches and pains, especially for those with arthritis, so layer up and try to stay active.
  • Eat nutritious meals that include vitamin D, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids to keep your bones and joints healthy and happy.
  • Always wear socks with shoes to prevent your feet from getting too cold.

Are you feeling aches and pains in your feet this winter? Or maybe you’ve slipped on ice and injured your ankle? Make an appointment with our podiatrists at The Podiatry Group. Our foot doctors can perform a thorough assessment at our Jonesboro, AR office and recommend a proper treatment for you and your family.