Look Before You Leap to Injury!

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With the many distractions that we have these days, including phones and digital advertisements, it’s easy to take the wrong step. Even if it’s not due to “leaping,” it’s possible that your movements can lead to injury if you’re not paying attention.

You can end up bumping into someone, tripping over a curb or uneven pavement, and even misstepping off of a curb and twisting your ankle. It can lead to an ankle sprain, Achilles rupture, or a sports-related injury.

To prevent injuries while you are walking, running, or jumping, (especially if you’re into parkour), follow these guidelines:

●       Look where you’re going! While this seems obvious, we have seen patients who have suffered injuries because they weren’t paying attention to where they stepped. Look both ways and make sure you don’t step in something you don’t want to – like dog poop!

●       Put your phone away when you’re walking, especially in a busy city. If you’re likely to get sucked into messaging or social media, this distraction could mean an accident waiting to happen. There are even studies that show that you not only walk slower, you are less able to avoid or react to obstacles. 

●       Be sure to use safe, supportive shoes to reduce risk and impact of injury. If you have shoes that are smooth on the bottom, you might end up slipping on icy, slippery, or dirt surfaces. On the other hand, shoes with extra traction can end up tripping on non-smooth surfaces.

●       Strengthen your ankles to prevent injuries and to keep you more agile and nimble.

Did you suffer an injury from not paying attention? Get it checked out by one of our podiatrists. You may just need to rest the foot or ankle, or you may need an immobilizer boot. Make an appointment with our podiatrists at The Podiatry Group to figure out the best treatment for your injury. Our team of foot doctors can perform a thorough assessment at our Jonesboro, AR office.