Prevent Foot Pain From Exercise

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Are you planning on starting an exercise routine? Or maybe you’ve been working out a lot, but have been feeling pain in your feet. How do you make it stop?

There are a few ways to reduce the risk of foot pain during and after exercising. Follow some of these tips to stay comfortable as you stay fit:

●       Hydrate. Drinking plenty of water will help you with circulation, reduce risk of cramping, and help you stay healthy overall. Plus, if you sweat a lot during workouts, you’ll want to replenish your fluids!

●       Warm up and stretch. Warming up the feet and ankles can help you prevent strain to the muscles and other soft tissues. Stretching when the muscles have warmed up will help reduce the risk of a pulled muscle or other injuries.

●       Wear the appropriate shoes for the activity. If you are working out at the gym with various types of workouts, use cross-training shoes to cover the different supportive features you need. If you are going to be rock climbing, dancing, or hiking, use the activity-specific shoes to best suit your needs.

●       Use orthotic inserts in your gym shoes if you have foot problems like flat feet, arch supports can help reduce pressure to the forefoot, which can worsen bunion pain or metatarsalgia. Additionally, cushioned orthotic inserts can reduce impact to your bones and joints, which is important if you suffer from arthritis.

●       Increase intensity, speed, and/or duration of activity GRADUALLY. Suddenly increasing these factors in your workout can cause severe strain on your tendons or ligaments. It can trigger overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

●       Rest after an injury. These include sports injuries, blunt trauma injuries, and overuse injuries. Without adequate rest and recuperation, you can further injure your injury, making recovery time even longer.

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