DIY Pain Relief from Plantar Fasciitis

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Long-term plantar fasciitis can cause you pain along the bottom of the feet, as well as pain at the base of the heel bone. Chronic strain on the ligament can cause inflammation and eventually pain. When left untreated, the pain can become more severe and even disabling. If this is the case for you, come see one of our foot doctors at The Podiatry Group. If the bottoms of the feet are mildly uncomfortable after long periods of walking or standing, try some of these DIY home treatments:

●       Stretch your feet and calves. While sitting with your feet in front of you, reach toward your feet and pull them back. You can use a towel or strap if you are not able to comfortably reach your feet.

●       Use a night splint. If you tend to experience plantar fasciitis pain in the morning, you might be straining your feet while you sleep. Constraining the feet to a splint can help it relax and stretch while you sleep.

●       Massage your feet with your hands, a foot massager, or a small ball (golf, lacrosse, or tennis ball will work).

●       Take a warm bath or foot soak. Use the warmth to release tension in the feet. You can add Epsom salts to help reduce pain.

●       Wear orthotics in your shoes to reduce strain on your feet. Orthotic inserts that increase support in the arches or heels can help the plantar fascia from overexerting.

●       Rest or change your physical activity. The people who experience plantar fasciitis the most tend to be athletes who overwork their feet, or people who stand or walk all day. The best way to prevent worsening symptoms is to rest from the activity and allow the plantar fascia to heal. Additionally, suddenly increasing intensity or length of activity can cause plantar fasciitis to flare up. Increase your abilities, strength, and endurance slowly.

For daily pain, applying a cold compress or frozen water bottle to the bottom of the feet can help reduce pain and inflammation. For days of more-than-usual pain, you can take over-the-counter pain relievers.

If your plantar fasciitis persists and causes you severe chronic pain, come in Jonesboro, AR for an assessment. Make an appointment with us at The Podiatry Group in to find the right treatment for you. Dr. Mark E. Reiner and his team of podiatrists can help you at our office, so contact us at (870)931-3668!