Grateful for Great Feet


The holidays seem to come and go so quickly! Our feet work so hard to keep up with our crazy schedules and to do lists. Not to mention, to BUY list. They get us to our work, homes, and shopping centers. They keep us balanced when someone bumps into us. And they allow us to continue to stay physically active from morning till night.

If you think about it, aren’t you so glad you have your feet? And aren’t you glad that they are functional and healthy, without another thought in our everyday lives?

Things to do

So during this busy holiday season, take some time to appreciate and love on your feet. Here are some things you can do to show your feet how grateful you are:

●       Rest and elevate. Your feet don’t have to be injured to benefit from being elevated. It can help you increase circulation, reducing swelling from your busy day. Continuing to go, go, go while your feet are tired or sore can lead to further pain or injury.

●       Foot soak. Warm water, Epsom salts, and essential oils. Together they make for a wonderful foot soak to relax tired or strained feet and ankles.

●       Foot massage. Make it a full foot spa experience by giving your feet a nice foot rub. Whether you DIY with a small ball or hard roller, have a partner do it, or get a professional foot massage, get some relief from achy pains in the feet. Your feet will feel so good that your whole body will feel the relaxing effects.

●       Treat foot problems. If you have foot fungus, bunions, corns, or calluses that you’ve noticed but ignored, now is a great time to focus on treating them. Not sure how? We can help!

Things to buy

Here are some things to show your feet how grateful you are:

●       As you go holiday shopping, pick up a little something for yourself. You can grab some compression socks for an upcoming flight to see family. Or some foam slippers to wear at home after you moisturize your feet (after all, you don’t want to slip!).

●       You can splurge and buy a foot massager! While prices can be steep, they can pay off after some use, especially if you spend your day standing at work.

●       Definitely get yourself some new comfortable shoes to replace your old worn out shoes. This is the time to treat your feet!

If you feel that your feet aren’t in tip-top shape, come see one of our podiatrists. We can have your feet go from feeling okay to feeling great! Make an appointment with our podiatrists at The Podiatry Group. Dr. Mark E. Reiner and his team of foot doctors can perform a thorough assessment at our office in Jonesboro, AR. Start this holiday season by treating your feet and ankles to keep them strong.