Are Pedicures Good for Your Feet?


You may have only had good experiences with regards to pedicures. The relaxing time you spend sitting in a massage chair with feet in warm water can only be described by the word luxury, right? Or is it?

At our podiatry office, we have seen some cases of toenail problems and skin problems that have developed after patients have gone to the nail salon. So what could have happened to cause the foot health issues? 

●       Poorly sanitized tools – Most tools at a nail salon are sanitized in liquid disinfectant. If the salon is busy, there’s a good chance that they are not left in there long enough to destroy microorganisms that can cause bacterial, viral, or fungal infections. These tools are often used in close proximity to your skin, and even microcuts can leave you susceptible to infection, especially if any clients before them had these infections, such as Athlete’s foot or fungal toenails.

●       Re-used disposable tools – There are some tools that are meant to be used with one person only. These non-metal tools are usually not meant to be sanitized and reused. Wooden sticks, plastic tools, and cotton should never be used from one person to the next, but instead should be thrown out after each use.

●       Unsanitary foot baths – There are times when even foot baths, as well as the jets in the tubs are not thoroughly sanitized. Microorganisms can thrive in these constantly moist environments, especially since they are not often disinfected between uses. If you’ve recently shaved, you can be more at risk for skin infections.

●       Aggressive trimming or filing of the toenails – When nail files or cuticle nippers cut into the skin, your risk for infection increases. If pedicurists try to pry out ingrown toenails or push back cuticles too roughly, the skin can be left vulnerable.

●       Mistreatment of corns and calluses – Corns and calluses should be filed down gently, but often, pedicurists might try to cut or slice it off. Don’t leave foot health treatment to the pedicurist – come see one of our podiatrists.

Often times, an injury can leave your foot looking unsightly. A pedicurist might be able to help cover it up, but treatment is best sought at our office. Make an appointment with our podiatrists at The Podiatry Group. Our dedicated team of foot doctors can perform a thorough assessment and recommend the perfect treatment at our Jonesboro, AR office.