The Stress of Stress Fractures in the Feet


There are two types of fractures – traumatic and stress fractures. The former occurs when there is a lot of force applied to the bones, causing the bones to break in place or out of place. The latter is due to repeated small forces applied to the same are of the bones, eventually causing bone breakage.

Usually, traumatic fractures are immensely painful and need immediate medical attention to heal properly. On the other hand, stress fractures can develop over time and symptoms can worsen as the stress fracture worsens. You will feel pain in a specific location in one of the foot bones in the midfoot or heel. If pain doesn’t subside with rest, ice, compression, and elevation, there’s a good chance that it’s more severe than a bone bruise. Inability to put full weight on the foot is also a key symptom of a stress fracture.

Oh, the stress!

For most people, a fracture is not a welcome injury. Athletes and dancers, however, have a higher risk of experiencing stress fractures and the impact is larger for them. For those who run, jump, or twist the foot often, like in football, basketball, or golf, the repetitive motions and impacts can cause fractures in the foot. 

A stress fracture can mean pain, but what’s worse, it can mean sitting out during a game, event, or even a whole season! It can mean that you lose out on leadership positions (team captain) or prime roles (principal dancer).

That’s why it is important to get proper medical attention and allow for healing before returning back to whatever caused the foot fracture. Depending on the severity of the pain and symptoms (redness, tenderness, and swelling), you may require other treatment aids, such as orthotics or braces, or even surgery.

Instead of dealing with the stress of fractures in your foot, come and get your injury checked out. Make an appointment with our podiatrists at The Podiatry Group. Our team of qualified foot doctors can perform a thorough assessment at our Jonesboro, AR office and let you know the best treatment for your foot fracture.