Should You Take a Stand for Standing Desks?


Sitting has been found to have negative health effects. Moreover, it apparently has the same risks of death as obesity and smoking. This means that those of us who work in offices and sit for most of the day, and then go home to relax on the couch all evening have higher risks of health problems due to a sedentary lifestyle.

So let’s talk about whether or not standing desks would be the answer to combatting a sedentary workday. Below are arguments FOR or AGAINST standing desks as an alternative to your typical seated work desk.


●       FOR standing desks: Standing can increase energy and ability to focus when positioned correctly.

●       AGAINST standing desks: Standing for a long period of time without rest or change in position can make you tired. Additionally, if you are used to cubicle style work desks, you may actually be more distracted because you can see more.

Foot or Ankle Swelling

●       FOR: Sitting too long can cause stiffness and swelling in your lower extremities. When sitting, you’re less likely to move your feet and ankles, which can add to symptoms of edema. Standing can make it more likely for you to keep moving, including walking over to your coworker’s desk, rather than calling or using messaging.

●       AGAINST:  Standing for a long period of time can put a lot of pressure on your feet and ankles too, which can increase swelling. If you don’t have the proper shoes or cushioned mat, your feet might have to endure more pressure.


●       FOR: When standing, you’ll feel the effects of poor posture more quickly. Additionally, when you properly position your monitor and keyboard on a standing desk, it will force you to have better posture. Just be sure to use a sufficiently cushioned mat.

●       AGAINST: Between repositioning, you might end up slouching or leaning to one side over the other. Your feet and ankle joints can end up taking the brunt of the weight and pressure.   

Whether or not you wish to adapt to using a standing desk, just be sure to keep your body moving as often as possible. We recommend getting up, stretching, and/or walking around every 30 minutes of sitting or standing still. Do a little jig or alternate some yoga poses to get your blood pumping.

However, if you experience foot pain or swelling from sitting or standing at work, it may be best to make an appointment with us at The Podiatry Group for an assessment. Our team of podiatrists can help you at our Jonesboro, AR office to treat any foot or ankle issues. If necessary, we can treat with orthotics or surgery, so call us at 800-737-3668 today!