Good Shoe Habits to Follow


The lifespan of your shoes can depend on what kind of habits you maintain. The best way to get the most out of your footwear is to keep them in good condition as long as possible. Is it important to keep your white sneakers very white? Maybe not… but maybe yes!

See how many of the below shoe habits you follow:

  1. Always wear socks with closed-toed shoes. Whether it’s shoe liners, no-show ankle socks, or full athletic socks, wearing socks with shoes will reduce friction against the shoe material, as well as against the skin on your feet.
  2. Tie and untie your lace-up shoes each time you put them on. Some of us just step straight into tied shoes to skip the tying and untying of shoelaces. However, every time you stretch your shoes to get your feet in, you are giving it extra wear and tear. The shoes might not fit as snugly overtime, causing your feet to strain for stability.
  3. Don’t put your shoes away, right away. When you get home from work, you may want to keep your entryway clear by putting your shoes away in a cabinet or closet. However, that may trap foot odor and any other bacterial or fungal growth in the shoes, which eventually can lead to shoe material breakdown.
  4. Rotate the shoes you wear each day. If you have a particular pair of shoes you wear to work, it might be best to get more than one pair so that you don’t have to wear the same shoes each day. This allows your shoes to fully dry out between wears.
  5. Watch your gait. No, not your weight, your gait! The way you walk and the way that your foot strikes the ground can affect the way that your shoes wear down. Check your outer soles to see if they are wearing down evenly. If the back is wearing down more quickly, you might be dragging your feet. If the inner or outer part of the sole is wearing down more, you might be over- or under-pronating. These habits not only hurt your shoes but also your feet and ankles (i.e. flat feet, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis).
  6. Wear your shoes properly. If your shoes have laces or straps, be sure to tie or fasten them so that they do not drag on the floor. If you fold down the back of the shoes to easily slip them on, you are messing with the integrity of the shoes.
  7. Keep your shoes in good condition or replace them if it’s time. So yes, you should keep your shoes clean. Maybe not bright white, but clean and polished, if applicable. If your leather or suede shoes need conditioning, they will last longer if you apply conditioner to them. When certain parts of the shoes are no longer supportive or if the inner or outer soles wear down, it may be time for you to replace shoes.

If you feel that your feet are straining from wearing unsupportive shoes, come into our office for an assessment to find relief. Make an appointment with us at The Podiatry Group. Our podiatrists can perform a thorough assessment at our Jonesboro, AR office to treat your feet and ankles and keep them healthy.