Possible Complications for Paul’s Bunions


The name’s Bunyan. Paul Bunyan.

Now Paul is quick. Paul is strong. And boy, oh boy, is Paul very tall.

Paul is a lumberjack who works very hard. After a long day of cutting down trees, or rather, entire forests, Paul’s feet were probably very tired. In all the tall tales about Paul Bunyan, we never really heard about his foot problems.

But let’s say that he had some bunions. What would that be like for him?

Well, first of all, bunions are bony protrusions that grow out of the big toe joint. Paul Bunyan was pretty large, so he probably had very large shoes. However, if the toe box was made too tightly, it’s possible that his toes were scrunched together. The constant pressure on the toes can transfer as pressure on the big toe joint. The big toe joint compensates by developing a bony growth to counteract the pressure. Additionally, any injury like dropping a log or axe on his forefoot or chronic pain from arthritis can also cause a bony growth.

But remember, Paul is strong. So maybe he didn’t care about or complain about bunions or bunion pain. However, leaving it untreated could have led to complications such as:

●       Hammertoes – when the toes become tight in an upside-down “V” shape.

●       Toe Joint Stiffness – Chronic pain can cause your toe joint to become inflamed and painful. It may be difficult to move the big toe.

●       Bursitis – There are fluid-filled sacs in joints that act as padding. When the bursa are chronically inflamed because the joint is having problems, that’s called bursitis – a common side effect of bunions.

●       Metatarsalgia – This is experienced as pain from overuse of the midfoot / balls of the feet.

To find relief and get an assessment for possible complications, make an appointment with us at The Podiatry Group. Our dedicated podiatrists can perform a thorough assessment at our Jonesboro, AR office to treat your bunions and prevent complications that may eventually require you to get orthotics or surgery.