Can Your Child Benefit From Orthotics?


Your growing child’s body goes through and endures a lot. They may experience cuts, scrapes, and falls, but they are able to bounce back and continue to grow stronger.

On the flip side, there are some problems that they cannot outgrow. Hereditary or congenital issues, overuse problems, and sports injuries can cause foot problems that need additional support in order to correct a problem and prevent further complications down the road.

Is your child suffering from foot pain? Look for the signs and symptoms of a problem.  Helping your child to overcome challenges due to foot or ankle problems is as easy as calling our podiatry office. Depending on the foot or ankle issue that your child has, one of our podiatrists may prescribe your child some over-the-counter or custom orthotics.

What kinds of foot problems might be helped by using orthotics?

Foot Deformity:

●       Clubfoot (born with feet twisted out of shape)

●       Flat feet (arches that have collapsed or never formed), which can lead to overpronation of the ankles (pain from misalignment of the ankle joint, excessively rolling inward)

Overuse Problems:

●       Stress Fracture (repeated pressure or impact on bones can lead to small painful cracks in the bone)

●       Plantar Fasciitis (pain due to inflammation of the plantar fascia from repeated strain; can cause heel pain, pain along the bottom of the foot, and development of bony spurs)

Sports Injuries:

●       Sever’s Disease (pain due to an injury to the growth plate in the back of the heel)

●       Sprains and strains (ranging from a stretch to a tear in a ligament, sprains can cause pain and ankle weakness; constant straining from repeated exercise can cause bone spurs to develop).

One of our podiatrists can help your child get the support they need in order to feel better and continue to grow, play, and learn. To find out what’s best for your child, make an appointment with us at The Podiatry Group to find relief. Our committed team of podiatrists can help you and your feet at our office located in Jonesboro, AR.