What Caused My Plantar Fasciitis?


One of the most common foot problems that plague adults is plantar fasciitis. The symptoms of plantar fasciitis affect millions of Americans with varying levels of discomfort and pain.

Why is it so common (as a foot problem)?

The plantar fascia is the fibrous band of tissue that runs from your toes to your heel bone. It helps to keep the tension of the arch when the foot bears weight. So with each step, the plantar fascia is working and tightening.

Now think about how often your plantar fascia has to work. How many steps do you take each day? How long do you stand? What kind of workouts are you doing? All of those factors can cause the plantar fascia to overwork and become strained. Over time, the constant strain becomes an overuse injury, where the plantar fascia becomes inflamed and painful. The bottom of the feet can experience pain whether at rest or while bearing weight.

Risk factors – You might be more prone to developing plantar fasciitis if:

●       You are on your feet all day, walking or standing. This means the plantar fascia is working harder and longer than for other folks.

●       Your shoes do not fit you well and are not supportive. This means that your plantar fascia is working harder to support your feet and keep them stable.

●       You are flat-footed or have another foot deformity. Foot issues related to the arch or the heel can make you more prone to experiencing plantar fasciitis pain since the plantar fascia is either too tight or too stretched compared to feet without deformities.

●       You do workouts that involve a lot of stress on the tendons and ligaments around your heel bone. Exercises involving running, sprinting, or jumping can put more strain on the feet.

●       You are obese. The plantar fascia has to bear more weight than they were meant to.

●       You have arthritis. Those with inflammatory forms of arthritis are already more likely to experience the inflammatory symptoms in plantar fasciitis.

If you are already experiencing plantar fasciitis pain, click here for tips for finding relief from plantar fasciitis at home.

Get help

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