Six Common Elderly Foot Problems - The Podiatry Group

Aging brings many changes to our body and this could be seen in our feet. Years of abuse could add up leaving our feet ripe for injuries.  Our feet are responsible for supporting our body weight. Bones and muscles do most of the work but fats also serve as an additional layer of cushion. Through time we may lose this cushion putting extra pressure on our feet.

Our skin may lose its elasticity and moisture making it dry and prone to blisters. Bones can become brittle and cartilages harden leaving our joints less flexible. All in all it’s just the sum of all the physical changes that aging brings that makes people susceptible to foot injuries. The doctors of The Podiatry Group are podiatrists who specialize in helping seniors with foot problems.

  1. Arthritic Foot Problems - Severe foot pain from an arthritic condition is common among the elderly.  Weak bones, gout and rheumatoid arthritis are just some of the common causes of arthritis in seniors.
  2.  Bunions Years of wearing ill-fitting footwear is a common culprit, but medical conditions associated with aging can cause the development of bunions. Arthritis, gout and flat feet can place you in greater risk for bunions.
  3. Corns and Calluses - Extra skin in our sole can be caused by friction from our skin rubbing against poorly fitting shoes. The loss of moisture and oil in our skin deprives us from our natural lubricants. Calluses and corns are similar except that this are located on the heel of the foot.  
  4. HammertoesJoints lose its flexibility with time. Hammertoes are deformities due to high tension in muscles and tendons in toe joints.
  5. Heel Pain - Chronic heel pain can be annoying and some may simply brush it off as a mere inconvenience. But how it affects our ability to perform simple activities such as walking in our later years could make life a daily struggle.  Flat feet or an overly arched foot can lead to heel inflammation
  6. Ingrown Toenails Improper nail trimming, poorly fitting shoes, previous toe injuries and infections are just some of the possible causes of an ingrown toenail. This might not happen overnight but if you all add this up through the years you have a good chance of ending up with an ingrown toenail.

Feet conditions are just some of the medical conditions that plague seniors. But treatments are available and consulting with a podiatrist can help you get rid of these feet conditions. At The Podiatry Group, located in Jonesboro, Walnut Ridge, Pocahontas and Cherokee Village, we specialize in helping seniors find relief from chronic foot pain and foot disorders.  To schedule an appointment call (870) 931-3338.